Aaj Tak is still running after TRPs even after the death of its anchor.

The news channel is not for ur drama if u have real pain then take a leave for 2 days and cry U nicely coming with ur full makeup and showing ur acting skill. Same music they played at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput's death as well. Why background music is required here. As you sow so shall u reap. We are all mortals! Divine retribution The fire you light for others will consume you also. Everyone has to die one day so do good work so no one has to cry. The Poison spread by this channel caused tears for many families! stop the drama and do your job.

The best tribute Aaj Tak can give to their beloved anchor is they should start practicing the principle of journalism now. If they continue to practice the same journalism being one-sided that would be a liability to the departed soul.

More than 50000 people died like cattle in the last 2 months. No word no tears no reporting from Aaj task for them. And here it is cinema-going on! This was the pain that people were going through for the last 2 months and Aaj Tak was busy promoting Modi in West Bengal on a bullet bike. If you had the courtesy to ask Modi for it then Sardana would haven't been even infected.

Aaj Tak is still running TRP

If one of your colleagues or a close friend dies tragically, you would burst into tears too. This is what humans do.. and there is nothing to hide, so what's the big deal here? Don't try to convey everything from a different angle. These times are crucial for everyone, anchors are human too after all. Months before Farmers were dining and now people are dying meanwhile you people Supported the central government now you lost your own loved one. Now plz realized how painful it is.

Why tf they need all this drama on TV? With music? It shows they don't have respect or sentiments even for their own. Skin disgrace to humanity. Just look at Barkha Dutt, who lost his father to covid, but still chose to keep her emotions in check while delivering her lines.No additional drama required.

This has never happened before. The anchors are supposed to maintain their calm and REPORT. It is shameful to see that this community is ready to sell the death of one of their own for their own benefit. How are they still being called humans, or any species for that matter?? And I'm not even surprised that he is mourned while thousands of others aren't. I know two years back, a lady reporter giving breaking news of an accident and realized that her husband died in it, but she didn't make any drama, kept composure, and completed her job.

many people died because of AajTak propaganda past 7 years, so now he is a victim of his own propaganda mission. at least now you people should know what you are creating for India's future. They are vultures. They didn't shed a tear when the migrant laborers were walking barefoot with their children to thousands of kilometers and many of them died. Instead, they were playing Antakshari. These are just crocodile tears. Even Rohit Sardana himself conducted godi Media debates in his show.

Had Godi media held BJP accountable for their incompetence for the last 7 years, many lives could have been saved. This is the worst government India has ever chosen. Atal Ji was from the same party but he was an intellectual, visionary man. Unfortunately, the current cabinet consists of a bunch of jokers, arrogant, shameless people. 

If it doesn't make sense, why use the Aaj Tak telecast video and post on FB. He too had a family and stop his PR by abusing others in their death. When I heard about his death I checked Aaj Tak and India today for a time and no news was there for some time. Guess what?? They were preparing for this drama. Shame on you godi media.

He was always spitting venom against Muslims, particularly during the pandemic, karma plays its game at right time, right place, May Almighty Allah blesses patience to the bereaved family. If the likes of Arnab Goswami and Rahul Kanwal and Anjana Om Kashyap and Rubika Liaqat raised questions that matter, then Perhaps so many people who are suffering would not be suffering this much. Most importantly, Rohit Sardana, one of their own would not have left us. There's still time enough to reset the agenda and do service to the noble profession of journalism.

It could be a genuine expression of sorrow and loss too. Who are we to decide? We are living in such times where every action is being evaluated through a lens of skepticism. And btw those who wouldn't have watched their channel too will now watch it, you just boosted their TRPs.

They are actors, although crocodile tears can be recognized. They are the reason for weak democracy and less accountability by those 8n power & also not aired the issues that matter most to the common citizens. They must shut down at least for 3 days just to pay the condolences to their beloved anchor They must start questioning the government for all these messes they created.

Madam a suggestion if you people really feel for your colleague then can I suggest you can your channel be shut for 13 days in his remembrance of you really love and respect him come on Madam can you do it If don't cry for TRP's sake.

the sentiment shown on Aaj Tak today, was true they lost their colleague, a good anchor, and a good journalist... today I don’t support your comments about TRP.. background music is the editing team’s choice which they could have been avoided for sure.

Why that background music is being played while the anchor was crying? Was this going live? If yes the news should be the plain voice of the anchor! These are such teachers. They used Sushant Singh Rajput's death for TRP and now their own anchor. Shame on today's media.

What about so many losses each and every family is facing While journalists like you never choose to stand on the right side but continue sucking up and justifying the wrongdoings of the leaders responsible for the apocalypse of our motherland Shame is the least you can have.

If you are not faithful to your noble profession, you are next. Because you are not telling truth about who is responsible for this disaster. the emotion of people has gone that's why nature has cursed us in way of this..Nature gave 100years and what we did cut trees no helping others no sentiments no emotion for only our family not for others now we r paying for what we did.

The present situation is due to unprincipled journalists who hide n hide the false of those politicians at the end they are also the victim So sad If they had been exposing the truth since the beginning they don't need to act like this in their channel. I switched on my TV today n came across your channel..it was more like a TV serial channel.. c'mon stop ur drama now.. the way you were crying was so fake.. at least don't include a dead person in your fake drama.

you had time to do make-up, you have come like one celebrity, if you miss him so much go sleep with him, they will burry you both in the same place, thousands of people died, where were you? Never spoke a word. Do not finish your tears. I can understand the loss of this anchor But did you really weep mam when thousands of the common people were dying helplessly. Did you ever broadcast such issues to raise awareness among society? For u trp is everything.

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