BREAKING: WhatsApp Says That New IT rules will end of privacy.

When BJP's notorious IT cell spread hatred and venom of communalism in social media which helped Modi in winning elections, the government was totally silent on communal remarks. Now they woke up as people of India are fuming in anger against. Kettle calling the pot black bj now trying to put restrictions on social media. the same social media which they used to create riots and divisions in our community.

This is the result of giving them a clear majority I can bet the unconstitutional laws passed by mudi Sahab such as the gntcd amendment and privacy laws for ott platforms had these passed in the UPA era there would have been a no-confidence motion passed. Modi and his team are slowly converting our democracy into a dictatorship.

Whatsapp says that new IT rules will end privacy.

Pointing out the flaws is a different thing and spreading hatred against India and the Indian government is a different thing. Why do you talk only against Mr. Modi r against the Indian govt most of the time?

If WhatsApp wants to stay in India, it should abide by the rules of that country's government. Else, it is always welcomed to quit its services in India. A private firm like Whatsapp cannot decide or dictate government policies and sue just like that. Whatsapp, a subsidiary of Facebook itself infringed into privacy several times. Whatsapp is not above the government. If it sues the government, then citizens should boycott it.

Tell me what is your country's app right now apart from the arogya set which doesn't even notify you even someone is Covid positive in your locality. where is the alternative? If there is a ban there should be an alternative too. You don't a wanna democratic system. A concentration camp is waiting there. There is neither Whatsapp nor FB.

become something on your own and then start preaching. Learn about things carefully, I agree the WhatsApp privacy issue is a thing, but would govt apply it for all?

Public Opinion on Whatsapp Ban

Those who support Modi government in this. Share your privacy with the government. Not others! For anything and everything, the nation comes first, all these sentimental statements, where were you when people were dying without oxygen?? You would be appreciated if you had said nation first and questioned the government. For you guys, Nation is not first.

If my privacy is dangerous for the country, if it is anti-national, then I should not be spared. This is the same for everyone. But Whatsapp says whatever the heck happens, privacy is privacy just for its own benefits! Don’t blindly oppose the Government just because you dislike it.

Did u oppose when these happened in our country and lakh of lives were lost  Namaste triumph, Bengal election rallies, UP panchayat polls, Kumbh, oxygen supply and distribution policies, export of our vaccines, BJP union ministers hate speech on FB channels, Silence of Our PM on deaths happening at the beginning of 2nd wave, etc? Every citizen of this country will stand against the wrong governance. Governments stand exposed this action is to control image damage for upcoming UP polls.

If you don't like Facebook then delete your account and go to Koo and register yourself there, nobody is forcing you to be on Facebook. throw your mobile made by West don't use it. try some meditation yoga techniques to directly communicate. electricity is invested by Western people. don't use it and try to live a jungle life. why you people are so crazy to get a job on Facebook? go to your Indian companies.

I am a rational thinker and I could segregate what’s right and what's wrong. Thanks for your advice. National security cannot be compromised for privacy. What if a terrorist use WhatsApp to sketch a disaster and WhatsApp refuses to provide information to the Government? The nation comes first.

Seems new policies are part of mission 2024! Without spreading hate and lies they will lose badly they know very well. Seems that policy will enable the interference of privacy either forcibly or threaten to make silent those speaking against them.

The Idea is 'No one can criticize the Government, and if anyone is caught doing it will be punished. The government is by the people and for the people, I guess our government has forgotten that completely. By the way, I was just reading about Gitler !! He had the same traits

Whatsapp and Twitter are the backbones of the BJP cell. Whatever BJP talks in public, they know, nothing will happen. Around 30 lakh (Amit Shah's figure) IT cell workers will be unemployed. How to spread fake news then. So much hue and cry on an abusive post on Twitter nothing happened for the last 4, 5 years.

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