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If Sanju would have hit that for six then there wouldn't have been so much of over here. what he did throughout the innings was commendable & exceptional. It was just a matter of few meters here and there & if Morris would have been on strike he would have made it a dot ball as he wasn't even able to hit a full tossed ball for a boundary.

Yup, couldn't hit a boundary in the 4 balls he faced. Was definitely gonna hit in the last ball Not saying what Sanju did was the right thing to do. But the chances of Sanju hitting a boundary on the last ball were far more than the Morris. It just didn't come off in the end.

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I support his decision becoz Morris was not connecting he made that much close so anyway if he runs double or single the last ball needed a boundary. Maybe that thought might do him to deny the single..and he was middling very well..also he connected the last ball very well.. maybe lack of speed from the bowler helped kings.

It's a game, that's the beauty of it, uncertainties, if he would have taken the single and another player was not able to score then this picture would have been different. He was there in the game from the beginning and was connecting the ball well. So that makes all of the sense.

I don't think so. I think Sanju Sampson did the right thing as he was the more set batsman at that time & he also just hit a six on the third ball of the over. Moreover, Morrison played the 4th ball of the over & also that was his 4th ball in the innings and after that ball, only 2 balls would be remaining, so, he should have gone for a big hit on the 4th ball itself but he managed only a single. That's why I think Sanju did the right thing by refusing the single

Let’s not try and blame the very same person who took RR this close to a win... Had Morris managed to connect the 4 balls he faced, the result would have been different. What he couldn’t do in 4 balls, how can we assume that he would have done in the last ball? Doesn’t Sanju deserve that assumption as well?? Let’s applaud the heroics here.

As his stage, he did the right thing. as he was not expected for a two-run ( though it was possible). Samson wants to keep him in the strike. If it would be a six. Then you people might have compared him with dhoni. Undoubtedly he is a great and blessed player.

When you are batting with a 100+ score and have faced more than 10 over alone and you are the captain of the team, you can't just rely on the non-striker who has just faced 4 balls even though he is a great striker the ball. Winning and losing is part of the game but we should praise the innings of Samson he played.

Views on this post will be contradictory.. but the fact of the matter being captain of the team and being in form and carrying the target on his shoulder almost single-handedly he took a risk which was well worth of almost a clear hit caught at the boundary which could have gone both ways... Morris no doubt is a more than capable hitter but wasn't able to connect in this innings.
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