Few channels never did Journalism, never asked questions on behalf of the public having no direct voice, they never showed courage to make the elected Govt accountable, they never cross-checked the rumor and facts. just for the lure of few TRPs and few concessions from the govt of the time

One of the sincere BJP agent journalists dies today really it’s sad. I requested other journalists before die to do something for India and poor people. When thousands of Indian poor people dying without oxygen ur silent that same silent killed you today.

Today, when the fire fanned by u, reached ur own doorstep u people are feeling d pinch. Lakhs of people die during this pandemic but none of u showed d slightest bit of compassion, none of u showed the inefficiency of this govt. Karma will catch up wid d rest of u soon. Anyways may his soul rest in peace and may this b a lesson to all u godi media that karma does exist.

Dhruve Aaj Tak 

It is sad somebody losses their life like this. It is even sadder when they were hand in glove with the system that brought this on to them. It should be an eye-opener to the fourth pillar to do their dharm honestly ethically and without bias. The system they are and where supporting has become a bhasmasur so wake up. The pathetic situation the country has been put into and it is so helpless.

Hands-down, aajtak trying to monetize sardana's death is cruel, heartless & selfish. But, if any other prominent aajtak anchor had lost his life, then Sardana would also have been doing the same. It is our fault that we're expecting something genuine from aajtak.

Why cry now have u ever shown any respect when farmers died in protest farmers protest. Glad they didn't interview his wife asking her "how are you feeling ma'am?". I thought maybe this will be an eye-opener for them, but what I see is their conscience is dead nothing can change them! Shameless people.

Do your job sincerely. You are supposed to be the 4th pillar of Democracy and what are you actually a Godi, Dalal channel. If you have done your job properly by asking questions to your masters so many lives could have been saved.

When a poor person dies no one from the media's people cries. All people whether they are poor as well as a farmer. Who plays a vital role in the Indian economy all mentioned people are more important than Sardana. The farmer who is the backbone of our nation. No one guys from the media cover the movement of that poor fellow. I pray all you guys from media please pay heed to all people of this country as much as the value of Rohit Sardana.

Don't cry I'll also reach the same fate. Sooner or later. U godi agents have destroyed many innocents life. Watch out who's next. This channel just runs divisive and negative agenda of the government and this flesh-eating media have no journalistic ethics and moreover no moral values, humanity, and so on Shame on these sold-out souls

Be a realistic man!! Is he the first who died due to covid? Millions have already died and many more will die in the coming days, it was, it still is, and it will remain only about "TRP". these ppl are vultures that survive on the dead.

This is the result of big stupidity n the TRP game, today most of the media houses are busy in to prove themselves as true Modi bhakt and away from their basic obligations towards our nation. Dhur rather no one will play music in the background and no one came to TV and crying on your death. You know why. If not. Then look into yourself maybe God gives sentiment. Everywhere even many other channel news anchors also crying. They are worked together. Showing love is not TRP. If they are not crying then your stupid mind will say. Dekho Kisi ko Chuk Nhi Hua Toh Chun Apni such pr Ab Woh jachuka h Tujhe Bhi Jana hai Isliye Don't do this shit over social media put garbage on your follower's minds.

Many people died due to corona but no such sympathy, in fact, they had done business in the name of it. Today also they are not Grieving but Acting for TRP.

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