If not him, then who?? Whats Public Comments On It

If not him the successor must be ge redied by the party. If anything happens suddenly what will they do? Can anybody ensure that nothing happens all of a sudden, unfortunately!!! In Gujarat this thing happens, is happening, or even worse than this. The CM there is a complete disaster, a puppet run from Delhi, today Gujarat is run from Delhi, not Gandhinagar, the FAILED CM is clueless, helpless. The complete blind support to a man on the basis of religion and hate for one community is the reason why that person now unfortunately is my country's PM.

A man who stokes fear, hate, bigotry,‌ who asks for votes in the name of religion. Whatever happening in this country today that is bleeding, people are crying for help, losing their loved ones, that state, and its people should do introspect for the disaster they have given to a country that they kept electing a communal politician in the name of religion. It had nothing to do with any 'model' as was claimed by some people. India is paying price for its voter's wrong choices and wrong priorities.

Public Comments 

People will still not come to the street to throw him out. The moment they build Ram Mandir, the oxygen issue will be forgotten. Monkeys take control only when we act like one.

The True Indian Perspective. A man bought a donkey for the first time in his life, It is his joy that he took him to the roof of his house. And the man is spoiling the donkey and showing him the dwellings of his tribe and his clan from above the roof, so he can recognize the paths and roads. And he does not get lost when he comes home alone. At sunset, the man wanted to get the donkey off the roof to enter the stable, The donkey grieved and did not accept to go down. The donkey liked the roof and decided to stay above it. Our friend begged him many times. And he tried to pull it by force more than once, the donkey never accepted to come down. 

But the donkey knocked his leg on the roof, and he started kicking and sniffing in the face of his owner. The whole house is shaking, and the wooden roof of the old house is unable to handle donkey movements and kicks. The man came down quickly to leave his wife and children out of the house. Within minutes the roof collapsed against the walls of the house and the donkey died. Our friend stood at the head of his dead donkey while he was wearing his blood.

He said: ′′ I swear it is not your fault, I am the one who took you to the roof. It's hard to drop the donkeys who have been delivered to a place other than their real place.. Only those who got them to that place are to blame. When the order is attributed to other people, there is no wonder that the system collapses and the house cracks Transferred.

Public Opinion On This Metter

Modi is to be blamed for all this mess & he is responsible for every death, had he taken initial measures & not concentrated on winning elections, the situation would not have reached this for. It is the to unite & throw him out of the reckoning.

I will, any day vote a duffer, a donkey than this mad monkey. I know a donkey may not do a lot of good but he won't indulge in destruction of the society and the nation.

This political dispensation, to my mind, is a monkey gone mad, apart from being a mad fool, he is drunk too (ingested with absolute power) above madness and drunkness, he is stung by a scorpion, the media support) a sure recipe for disaster for any nation.

Hey, have Pity on Bhakts, its a tough time for them anyways: Poor fellows are having to inhale oxygen at Gurudwara Langars, without even first knowing - ' Funding Kahan se aa Rahi hai? ' Poor Fellows have to inhale Oxygen sent from Saudi Arabia, without even getting to utter - Oxygen Jihad !! Having to accept Medical supplies, oxygen, vaccines, ventilators, etc from the 'Vatican' funded charities across the globe, who might as well try to harvest their pious souls.

The only people who get benefited from these Mandir Masjid politics are these illiterate BJP RSS thugs who have nothing else to offer to voters. It is the common people who suffer at the end of the day. Open your eyes and vote for development, infrastructure, education, and jobs. Do not get trapped in this communal politics.

This same argument was used by Trump supporters. Any politician can do better than our PM who never held a press conference. Only disastrous decisions and a statue to be visible in these 7 years of misgovernance.

On a serious note Dhruv if not him then No opposition is coming forward With the way the current political situation is going on I am afraid in2024 Modi will rule again and we can't help it.

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