Internationally renowned Guardian newspaper was criticizing Modi

The countries in the world might be thankful that their PM and president might not be the world's most-followed leader but at least they are sensible enough to prioritize their citizens during the times of Covid pandemic not indulging gaining popularity. The fun part is a lot of bjp leaders and bhakts retweeted the same post, how come they r so illiterate to realize that there is so many fact-checker who can expose them in a matter of seconds.

Why only Guardian, BJP's Factory has every tool in their kit, to respond the world Media but still trying hard to maintain the image of BJP's PM, an Only job left to them. The person creating the page doesn’t realize he & his fellow citizens are being impacted financially, socially & economically, yet he has the audacity to praise the PM when he has failed the country in every possible way! My question is what makes him support PM when there isn’t a good reason & development.

Guardian newspaper was criticizing Modi

It must be created at the behest of BJP leadership and the way every BJP leader tweeted that article, it does seem like the orders to post that on social media must have come either from Modi or Shah to fool Modi supporters that foreign media is praising Modi when the reality is quite opposite to that. It seems like systematic propaganda to defend Modi and save his image, particularly among his stupid blind supporters. The link did not open and was showing an error, clearly, it was a fake website developed overnight to run propaganda and fake news, things have come to such an extent that PM is forced to run fake news to save his image and perception. Never seen such a propaganda master.

The present government would have done the same hard work to do something good in the country, the country would have got its rightful benefit, but sadly, the government is putting all its efforts to hide their failures. Well, the foreign media is right, the Indian government is concentrating on how to better the image rather than managing the pandemic situation in India.

For spreading fake news and fake propaganda this party is genius in this But the problem is that literate persons admit without knowing the reality that is not good. The country whose people had dropped the government due to onion & fuel being expensive, today the people of the same country are extremely silent on the dead bodies of their loved ones falling on roads, hospitals, crematorium. People in our country can raise corpses of their loved once, but cannot raise their voice against injustice.

They use their creativity and intellect in all these endeavors wish the same was ever used in finding solutions to improve the outreach of aid to the people in need.

Just wondering how many people in U P and M P have cured their covid with GAU Muir and Cow dung, when mp like Pragya Thakur can cure her cancer with Gau much, we should give all the politician's gau much and cow dung to c if it can cure them. Modi is like the great wall of China, protecting the public from Corona. He is rigorously hunted by the foreign media, who are jealous to see India's excellence through him."

Whatsapp university and And-that are trying very hard to hide the failure Of the Modi government that's why he created his own fake Guardian. The daily Guardian is created by the BJP IT cell. what a shame to confuse people of their own country. The country is reaping the results of believing in make-believe grandeurs. The regime cannot stand without pillars of the facade.

I pity them They have to try so hard to save the ass of their illiterate leader by imitating foreign media houses that they themselves discredit. This is the level that Narendra has now stoop to now. OMG! These bhakts can stoop to any level. In their efforts to save the image of the PM, they are exposing themselves and letting the country down along with him even further. We are in a state where one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Very soon, they will launch The Daily Lancet, The Daily New Yorker, The Daily Australian will soon vote him the Man of the year, FORBES will declare India's economy is the most robust despite the pandemic and he will get the NOBLE prize as well for PIECE. The fake followers, following a fake leader, promoting fake news all the time, are out and about to challenge the authentic news as fake. This proves his failure which is being attempted to cover up. ManoRugn will not see it, but people with common sense can feel it.

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