Kunal Comment On Election Results 2021

I don't know think he and his ministers feel any kind of pain. If you really think Modi Shah Yogi and their sangi ministers really felt the pain they will not be in the business of destroying the lives and livelihoods of citizens of India. All they felt and know is Anger and Hatred. It is my humble request to you sir Kindly take down this video.

Yes, this must be an actual scene. Not because they lost the election, but they lost their people in crimes after the election. I am sure you will support that also. Lord Ayyappa again proved secular. Kerala Marked safe from BJP.Thanks to people who believe in democracy.

If bjp had won the election then people like Kunal, Swara, Barkha, and Ravish, all would have come like EVM was hacked I know their narratives were set but nevertheless, this is a democratic country. I'm here to let you know like there's no kind of EVM choir, people like them mislead us. No party can buy democracy. did Mamata plaster get any relief, com on son tell her to pardon the poor plaster and give him freedom, the election is over?

Kunal Comment 

ECI helped bjp everywhere to flaunt election norms & use religion-based speeches. They went about a month, where they should have been given only one day & banned from the campaign for the rest of the month. Whatever seats BJP won, it's due to the partiality of ECI towards BJP.

See the real liars punished by real people of West Bengal & Tamil Nadu. It shows both South & East doors being closed to BJP after Indias capital & West capital doors were already closed to them so now let them play only in North & NE will reject them in coming days soon & Its the beginning of bjp's empire demolition in India which they & their Blind supporters will not acknowledge.

Hey, you jokers, From 2 seats in 2016 to becoming a formidable opposition in Bengal with 82 seats while defeating the powerful lady CM in her own bastion. Let's not even talk about the reds getting decimated and becoming a thing of the past where they ruled for nearly 40 years. Do you really think it was a defeat In Kerala, the NDA could have least dreamt for a seat of Mr. Sreedharan and the most literate state is feeling proud to have his back seat and get gold smugglers to power?

Strangely was following and reading all dissent online over deaths due to mismanagement of the government. but then realized there is no point as people are going to elect this criminal regime once again next year going by religious virtues. Considering the fact the laborers walked thousands of km all the way to their hometowns, yet made this regime win with a landslide victory.) The same questions will be repeated by godi.

People trusted upon you, so you got 75 seats to play second fiddle. Better you do some works on the ground, advertising doesn't work well in Bengal. Guys, there is no need to celebrate BJP defeat right now until it comes down from the center it’s just fair voting allowed to b happened because BJP wants to divert public attention from paper voting n then again they do the same thing by hacking EVM during 2024 elections. So keep on sticking to the agenda of no EVM voting system until this worst era comes to its end.

Akhil Gogoi and make a video on him. he has made history in Assam Politics the BJP government jailed him for 560 days claiming him as a terrorist or mawbadi. he played 108 no Sivasagar MLA election from jail now he defeat BJP candidate by 11000 votes. he is like the Second Nelson Mandela of Assam.

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