Today Match Review By Viwers Vijay Variya

Doesn't matter who won who lose but this guy won a lot of hearts and what a joke at the end of didn't take a single run to the most expensive player in the ipl Really sad feel for Sanjo Moris is Responsible for this match 2 of 4 ball lots of love for Sanju. That was a correct decision by Samson in the context of the game. If a player is hitting that well and has scored 100 runs then definitely he will back himself to score a six. Some noobs dragging Dhoni into it, this sums up the greatness of Thala.

That is a stupid thought admin. Morris was not batting at 50 or 100 not even double-digit to hit a Yorker-length ball outside of coming over the wicket to hit six or four. Samson hit that well over extra cover but caught in the boundary line. but remember he hit the same extra cover six in that same over. Morris played 4 balls in that two dot balls that too when the required rate is more than 13 if he played at least one shot in that 4 balls Sanju could've trusted him for that last ball.

Match Review 

If the last ball was a six, there wouldn't be all these discussions. And Morris didn't even hit hard in the previous balls, and yet Sanju was having a solid strike, it's an easy task for him to hit the ball for a six. firstly that could have been double if not then morris could hit! Samson at least wouldn't have been incriminated. totally fine by his decision. Sometimes you have to back your instinct and take those risks in crisis moments. If he could send off the last ball over the boundary, it will be magnificent innings to himself.

He is in good touch and Morris can't find boundaries. So I think the decision took by Samson was a right brave decision. he almost got his team to the finish Bad luck champ  Anyway it was an amazing inning. Morris was not in touch, that's why as a set batsman he tried to take responsibility till the end so that he will blame if his team lost, so he did what he needs to do.

They needed 5 runs after that single they would need 4 runs in the final ball. we all know the probability of a 4/6 is much higher than a logically he should have taken the single. But it's also understandable that he wanted to take responsibility. if he had hit that for 6 then he would instantly be a hero.

What a great innings Sanju Samson played. It seemed to me for a while that today was Samson's luck but Arsdeep Singh ruined Samson's entire innings with a great over. He did a great over. I don't think Samson made the wrong decision. Because Samson was the only set batsman on the field at that time. Morris Already was able to take 2 runs from 4 balls and he was not even batting. Samson took the risk for this. Again Samson played the last ball well. Who knew it would happen, anything is possible in the game and that's part of the game.

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