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Privacy is only for PM, PM care fund, avoiding press meet, political funding, avoid questions, avoid responsibility and accountability. How long this guy continues to cheat Indians in name of religion and fake nationalism.

Of course, a lot of privacy has made you famous so far with toolkits agenda, to put a break its a good decision and we welcome and support. What nonsense are you talking about, Whatsapp is not greater than PM of India.

Whatsapp Ban or Not Public Opinion

It is sure that BJP wants to suppress free speech at any cost. The party will go any length and breadth to harass anyone who holds a view that is not in sync with their literature. This Govt believes in monologue and not dialogue.. 'Mann Ki Baat' is one of the living examples!

Soon the world will ban these freaks. How do people like them after so much happening? Deaths, inhuman rules and governance, highest tax takers, No proper hospital or expensive, the unemployment rate now highest and so many other things always happening.

How come all this kind of news, isn't reported in Indian media like TOI. This news isn't on their app etc. seems Indian media is now by and a large part of the RSS / BJP PR team.

I don't understand one thing when WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy govt-issued notice against WhatsApp and now govt. It wants to end the privacy of Indian users. On the one hand, Govt tweets positive criticism will make democracy strong and on the other, they want to know the location and identity of people who criticize them.

Anything goes against the BJP, they will try to raid anything. For the 1st time in history, Twitter has been raided. Now it's WA Pl someone tells this IT cell that FB, WA, and Instagram belong to the same person.

I pray to God, may my Mother, India again wakes up, and may God throw some light upon my illiterate and uneducated brothers and sisters, so that, next time what they decide, that's right, and that's good. May the people of India be educated! Education is the only tool, and the most effective tool here, to eradicate the existing evils. And for this, the educated ones have to educate others, like you.

BJP wants to rule the country not govern it. The most notorious IT undercover organization is owned by this fascist RSS-BJP IT CELL who spread most of the hatred all over the social media and they want to catch those who speak the truth because the government isn’t bold enough to accept the facts they want the people of this nation to become puppets in their hands. At a time like this when the entire country is suffering from this pandemic so badly they are trying to fulfill all their selfish motives so that these can be camouflaged. If Whatsapp would have accepted, who would come to know and who could do anything about it Sickening to the core.

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