Will Facebook and Twitter be banned in India?

No need to clarify. Just one sentence. They want china like a dictatorship where all international medium banned like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and only want their hate machinery across the country. Ban Twitter for interfering with our political process n taking sides by declaring posts by one party n ministers as Manipulated on the direction of one particular party which is against the law of the land of this country. we have our own investigating agencies n the courts to decide not Twitter.

Will Facebook and Twitter be banned in India?

Let's not forget that Sambit Patra put out details of a woman on his handle lying that she authored the 'Toolkit'. The toolkit was a FAKE one Manipulated by BJP But the woman faced massive HARASSMENT by trolls. Patra DOXXED her It's criminal. Twitter must BAN Patra's account. Not easy to ban Facebook and Twitter bcz Elections in India are now more dependant on such platforms than electronic media. Fake news Factory of BJP will not ban until an alternative is found and officials connected with their grassroots level staff.

People saying it be good since fake news won't be spreading. they should understand this way we won't be able to raise a voice. we won't be able to let others know what's happening with us. end to freedom of speech. Also, understand that they be already planning to replace these apps by bringing apps which be filtering our freedom of speech but they be proclaiming that these are Indian apps. So people be stuck with so-called patriotism.

They know how Important these are cos 2014 & 2019 they won using these tools. But today they feel that this will hamper their chances cos of the furor against their party Weak Opposition cannot win the election this time.

That's why the whole world knows about our country what's going right now in the country. spreading fake new's divert people's mind now that will be the end of freedom of speech n expression. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram banned in India. Now, what's remain's.and what the world will think about India.

The BJP school dropout leaders should tolerate the truth they are being pissed through social media in the Entire world after all this is not an Accusation They turned democracy into a dictatorship.

Public Opinion On This Metter

If social media has banned this is a new opportunity may be a Young generation to realize their problem of unemployment. Nothing is as dangerous as foreign social media apps in India. They can easily manipulate anything in India if they want to. Posts on Facebook directly affect the public perception and hence we have given huge power to Facebook and the USA Money is another loss.

It will be the biggest blessing for Indians if this govt bans Twitter and Facebook. It's only then that the people will take to the streets and that will spell the end to this Bigotry. 

Perhaps an indirect attempt to dominate the social media platform in the country with an intention to put a forced control over those social accounts talking against them. However, banning social media from spreading fake news will be good for the nation, if it is with good intention. If this shit happens then the world will start their ballgame with India. US loyalists and senators will start their process of sanctions then its gonna be gabar Atmaendinbharat

Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi made a famous remark in 1985 that only 15 paise of every rupee meant for the welfare of the downtrodden reaches them. The JAM trilogy has broken the circle. #INC and its parasites made sure to suck out India at every possible opportunity of National Crisis i.e. floods, earthquakes, famines, etc. Imagine if this Lockdown had happened when AntonioMaino was the PrimeMinister Of India, then BlackMarketeers would have made huge profits on essentials.

They want to control social media as well. Since nowadays no one is watching their hate spreading/ venom spitting news anchors. Lies are spread through godi media and And social media is exposing them especially nowadays. When everyone has a camera and can capture facts and share them online.

 BJP cannot survive without the Propaganda on Social media, it might be a nail in the coffin. The whole world is realizing the fascism of the Modi govt and it's not good for the image of India.

Imagine students who are having online classes they were staying connected with the teachers via Whatsapp now boom it's gone. Imagine the guy who used to stalk the love of his life on Facebook and now boom it's gone. Imagine the girl and chap nibbles doing reels on install with 2k followers boom gone.
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